10 years of Cre8™ legacy

The patented polymer free technology – based on abluminal reservoirs precisely controlling the Amphilimus™ formulation release – has been CE approved 10 years ago.

Since then the Cre8™ “meet the un-met journey” has started. In fact the concept lying behind Cre8™ DES family development has been to design a DES able to improve the clinical outcome of those subset of patients that require a better treatment, for example diabetics. Still today DM patients are under-treated, and their PCI outcome has not reached the same efficacy & safety of PCI in non-DM patients.

Cre8™, and its latest evolution Cre8™ EVO, represent the utmost advance in DES technology, and the currently ongoing clinical research has the objective to show the PCI advancement that challenging patients may receive in terms of clinical efficacy & safety with the Alvimedica DES.