“A global producer of unique medical devices, harnessing the power of innovation to improve the quality of life. We tackle today’s greatest healthcare challenges and patients’ un-met needs by creating tomorrows' innovative products.”


About us

We are a global innovator of unique interventional medical devices, committed to continuing the development and manufacturing of globally recognized and highly innovative product portfolios in both endovascular and interventional cardiology.

We create the highest quality devices and technologies that answer patients’ un-met needs. Our teams are spread all around the world, with our main manufacturing plants in Italy and Turkey,

Our driving passion is to improve the quality of life through innovative technology, creating a better future by investing in both clinical research and product development.

We firmly believe that by working with todays' leading physicians we will create highly effective solutions that meet todays real unresolved patient needs. This collaboration is fundamental to us as a company, in order to present and discuss new treatment options.

As a company we work collaboratively to constantly pursue clinically innovative treatment and devices. We are wholeheartedly committed to improving minimally invasive procedures that prioritize the care for each patient and improve their quality of life. Our experienced team of specialists continue to build on the success of our current breakthrough products, as we strive to create a better, healthier future for our patients.

We invite you to join us in fulfilling our ambition to create the very best medical devices for people all around the globe.


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