The most important factor behind our success at Alvimedica is our employees. Our goal is to support the career development, performance and motivation among all our employees and to continually improve our corporate culture through providing training opportunities, short-term and long-term rotations and various other projects.
To accomplish even greater success our aim is to hire highly talented people who will be able to successfully represent Alvimedica’s culture and develop our global brand, adding value whilst providing them with both professional and personal development training, ensuring in turn, each employees’ long term commitment to our overall goals.

Our Employee Values

We’re Collaborative!

Believing in the necessity to increase our productivity and competitiveness, we place a high value on listening to our stakeholders, to understand them and help each other to create results by sharing our experiences and competences.

We’re Unique!

We’re producing unique products and innovating in response to market and customer needs. We move fast and try to be proactive, make fast decisions and be flexible in order to increase satisfaction for our customers, partners and employees.

We’re Trusted Globally!

We perform all our work in line with our value on developing ethical, accurate, and transparent culture. We consider human health and treatment purposes as well as environmental health to be of the greatest value. The reliability of our products and services are tested have ensured we have a proven global reputation and we ensure the samesensitiveness for employees as well as our footprint across the globe.

Internship Possibilities

Internship opportunities are provided for a limited number of students at our company every year during the summer and winter months. For summer internship places, applications can be made during the period between March 15th and April 15th by sending a CV through the job posting section found in our website. Depending on the intern quota, the applications with personal backgrounds suitable with the requirements will be evaluated and selected. Free lunch and transportation services are provided for all our interns. However we do not provide any financial assistance to interns. The summer term internship is carried out between the months of July and September. In order to provide more opportunities to more students, each internship period is limited to one month. Internship applications for the fall semester can be made during the period of August 15th and September 15th by sending a CV through the job posting found in our website.

Join our Team:

At Alvimedica, we are always looking for great talent: people who can bring new perspectives and experiences to our global team.

When the application deadline expires, the applications will be evaluated by our team and the most suitable candidates will be selected for interview.