Cre8™ EVO showcased at the JIM 2017

Friday February 10th 2017

The Alvimedica Cre8™ EVO  polymer free drug eluting stent was showcased for the very first time on  Friday the 10th of February 2017, during a live case at the JIM 2017 congress in Milan, Italy. The procedure was performed by Prof. Colombo at the San Raffaele hospital, in a diabetic patient, with a complex PCI.

Cre8™ EVO  showed outstanding performance during the implantation. Three stents were placed in the right coronary artery of a complex, insulin dependent, diabetic patient with diffused disease, and a highly calcified, tortuous vessel. Despite the complexity of the case, the delivery of the stents was quick and easy.

Even though the patient is diabetic, we expect to see excellent results in terms of efficacy. This is due to the Amphilimus™ formulation (Sirolimus + Fatty Acid) eluted by Cre8™ EVO , which offers added efficacy, compared to any other drug eluted by a DES, especially in diabetic patients. In addition there is potential improvement of homogeneous drug distribution in the vessel tissue, due to Cre8™ EVO’s new stent architecture, combined with the Amphilimus™ Formulation and Abluminal Reservoir Technology.

After the implantation, the angiographic result was optimal, and the stent’s excellent conformability, enhanced by the new geometry, was clearly visible.

Immediately after the Live Case, when asked about Cre8™ EVO’s performance, Prof. Colombo replied “This new DES is showing excellent deliverability and I am looking forward to seeing Cre8™ EVO’s unique contribution to the Diab8 randomized trial. For the first time in many years, this study is designed to establish the superior efficacy of the latest and most innovative DES when compared to the current golden standard. Cre8™ EVO will be tested against Xience in diabetics. Preliminary data regarding the efficacy of Cre8™ in Diabetics are very encouraging and sufficiently strong to generate the enthusiasm to launch this trial.”


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