GISE 2016

Obtaining an optimal clinical outcome in PCI for diabetic patients is still a challenge for interventional cardiologists.  During Gise 2016, the Italian national congress for interventional cardiology in Genova, Dr. Cosmo Godino described his experience with the Cre8™ stent in diabetic patients.
In the “new frontiers in coronary intervention” session he expressed his preference in using Cre8™ in diabetic patients following all the clinical literature already available as well as his personal experience which includes the Astute Registry. Dr. Godino presented a case in which a diabetic patient had a Cre8™ and a Competitor drug eluting stents implanted. On follow-up there were two opposite efficacy outcomes; the competitor stent had to be revascularized, while the Cre8™ stent was not presenting any signs of restenosis. This was already seen in two independent studies, a randomized trial and a matched analysis, where the efficacy provided by Cre8™ showed improved results compared to today’s benchmark drug eluting stents.

Cre8™ is a drug eluting stent that can provide additional benefit to diabetic patients due to its unique technologies. The Amphilimus™ formulation, which is a combination of Sirolimus and a Fatty acid, is maintaining its optimal efficacy of non diabetic patients also in diabetics. Cre8™ being a polymer free DES embedding our Bio Inducer Surface ensures optimal safety for all patients.