Stents / DES – Cre8™EVO

The only very effective polymer-free DES, just got better.

Cre8™ EVO is a highly innovative Drug Eluting Stent (DES) that is designed to face the clinical outcome challenges when treating patients undergoing PCI. Innovation is the only way to further improve current clinical patient outcome. That is what Cre8™ EVO is; a DES born from the most innovative technology to date.

Better outcomes for diabetic patients, and not only.
Innovative stent architecture conceived to guarantee effective drug concentration within the vessel wall,  including complex coronary anatomies and pathologies like those of diabetic patients

New flexible cell design with reduced pitch results in excellent flexibility, deliverability and optimal conformability



New stent architecture, coupled with Abluminal Reservoirs and Amphilimus™ formulation, designed for a uniform drug concentration



Abluminal Reservoir Technology

The only polymer-free technology able to precisely control abluminal drug elution.

Amphilimus™ formulation: Sirolimus + Fatty Acid

Fatty Acids enhance drug distribution and maximize drug bioavailability increasing device efficacy, particularly in diabetic patients.

New stent architecture

New stent architecture designed for effective drug concentration, including complex coronary anatomies and pathologies like those of diabetic patients.

Bio Inducer Surface

Proven hemo/biocompatibility versus lumen blood flow and faster strut coverage.

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