Alvimedica started a new research program sponsored by Piedmont Region

Sept. 2020.
CID S.p.A., member of Alvimedica group, started a new research program co-funded by the Piedmont Region within the frame of “Programma Operativo Regionale F.E.S.R 2014/2020, bando IR2 Industrializzazione dei risultati di ricerca “.
Innovation, which is given by the adoption of pioneering solutions in products and processes as well as triggered by the approach “discovering by doing”, is the basis of the support promoted by the Piedmont Region with this co-funding program and the backbone characteristic of our company.
Thanks to this three-year co-funded project, CID S.p.A. strengthens its technological know-how and lays down the foundations for the development of new products for the treatment of pathologies in the peripheral district to help physicians better caring complex patients and to offer new therapeutical tools in the vascular disease treatment.